Mobile exhibition tour in Poland

After multiple destinations in North West Europe, this spring/summer of 2022 season the FCRBE mobile exhibition takes place in Poland. The reuse sectors, the involvement of reuse materials dealers, and the Opalis and Salvoweb platform with all waste materials challenges posed by construction and demolition are presented in two polish cities Kielce and Warsaw.

In the face of an ecological disaster, the boundary between waste and building material becomes blurred. The wider audience visiting the exhibition can get to know some solutions - from sourcing urban mining or designing to deconstruction. But also can reflect on one of the biggest challenges in the building sector. What kinds of cultural and economic shifts in the built environment might normalize waste as a primary material?

Polish audience can visit the exhibition From the 28th of April until the 31st of July 2022 in Design Institute Kielce in central Poland. So far (mid July), this edition has been seen by over 2000 visitors.

From the 4th of August till the 7th of August 2022 exhibition will be on display in Warsaw during the Architecture Festival organized by the Association of Polish Architects branch in Warsaw and the Polish National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning.

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