New deliverable! Integrating reuse in a new construction project

This manual is intended to push the integration of reclaimed building materials and products in a construction project. It is addressed to public owners, architects, contractors and anyone involved in construction projects.

The manual has been developed with largescale projects and public tenders in mind. Its content, however, is perfectly applicable in the context of smaller and private developments.

This manual is based on practical cases. We analysed construction projects of different scales and types, all of which have succeeded in integrating batches of reclaimed materials and products. We drew on these examples to develop a set of methods, advice and practical recommendations to help users of this guide achieve similar reuse targets.

The manual is divided into two sections:

- A general introduction, explains what reuse is, highlights the benefits of this practice, and lists the main sources of reclaimed products.

- The description of different approaches to integrating reclaimed building elements in a construction project, throughout the different stages of the project development.

The deliverable is free to download in English (French and Dutch versions will follow) via the following form.


Important notice:

This working draft is not the final version. It will be tested further in the course of the project through pilot operations and workshops. A final version is expected to be released at the end of the project, taking into account feedback, comments and new findings.

FCRBE results: download here all deliverables:

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