One FCRBE mobile exhibition - different settings!

The FCRBE exhibition « the 99%" shed the light on the reclamation industry in North Western Europe and present the hundreds of companies active today in the reclamation sector. Available in English, French and Dutch, this exhibition encourages the audience to discover the reclamation trade. Flexible and fitting in no more than 6 m2 in its smallest but complete format, it can adapt to different settings!
So far, the exhibition has already traveled to France, Belgium, Poland and Slovenia, hosted by Public administrations, Design institutes, architecture biennales and other organisations willing to address the question of reuse in the construction industry!

See below how the mobile exhibition looked like in different locations.

The mobile exhibition will be touring until the end of 2023! If you are interested to book it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You will find more details here.

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