Pre-demolition audit or reclamation assessment? Partners meet in Chartham

The project will soon deliver a pre-demolition audit method for reusable elements. But before that, there is still some work to be done! This is why the partners met in Chartham (UK) on 7 June.
This workshop was focused on the first two workgroups of our roadmap : approach and identification.

Several objectives to this workshop were identified

(1) To define the boundaries of the reclamation assessment manual / method that is about to be written. To achieve this objective, we first must define a common language

We use several terms in France, UK and Belgium to talk about “identification and quantification of reusable elements” : audit, diagnostic, inventory, reclamation, reusable, resource, etc.

The objective is also to find a common language. We will now talk about : “Reclamation assessment of (reusable) building elements”!


(2) To define several generic contexts in which reclamation assessment are performed.

The realisation of a reclamation assessment is always done to achieve a goal in a given context.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” format for the assessment!

This is why we propose a methodological approach based on the following assumptions :

  • In a given context, an assessment is performed by aggregating sufficient information on building elements in order to respond to a defined operational objective.
  • A specific format of assessment should present the collected information in such a way that it allows to extract the materials and elements in accordance with the specific objective.


(3) To define processes and criteria for identifying reusable elements.


This work will have to be continued on June 26!

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