"Reuse the pressing issue", Salvo's article mentions FCRBE project

This interesting article published on 9 February by Salvo mentions the works carried out by FCRBE project and quotes the recet articles issued in UK media on the importance of circular architecture.

As we witness the devastating effects of climate change with every news cycle, coverage is now focusing in on all aspects of human activity and what impact that is having on the planet. It makes for some uncomfortable reading, the built environment is responsible for 45% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, and accounts for 60% of all materials used whilst creating a third of all waste.


"The salvage sector has been an under-utilised resource for decades(...). Reclaimed materials should be mandated, not an option, for any LEED [the North American environmental building standard] or BREEAM building. All buildings should aim to outperform the national average by including 5 per cent – by value, volume or mass – reclaimed building materials.”

Sara Morel, Salvo's CEO

“There has never been so much talk about circular economy, yet operators fully active in this field are struggling to conduct their business.”

Michael Ghyoot, Rotor

“Architects sometimes don’t understand the power they have. They are diverting huge streams of money towards new materials when they specify and there are social, environmental and economic consequences of those decisions.”

Maarten Gielen and Lionel Devlieger, Rotor DC

Salvo is calling for reclamation-friendly architects, designers, restorers, builders and demolition contractors with experience in reusing salvage to consider getting involved with the FCRBE project. If you are interested please contact the Salvo team via shirley@salvo.co.uk.

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