The report "Digital tools for Reuse" is now available

The report "Digital tools for reuse - Linking reuse and contemporary trends in the construction industry" is now available in our Outcomes section.

This report explores the possibilities and the potential of digital technologies and tools that can help to improve reuse. Based on the state-of-the-art developed within the FCRBE project (and later complemented by the work in Interreg-NWE Digital Deconstruction) several interesting technologies and tools were selected, in order to explore and exploit (through try-outs) the way digital information and instruments can help fostering reuse strategies.

Focus is put on the first phases of the ‘reuse process’, namely the inventory phase (conducting reclamation audits) and making the collected information available to inform the market, reuse & reclamation dealers, designers, other concerned parties, and to make better informed decisions based on a digital inventory.

This means the work has focused on :

  • How digital tools can help to acquire information in the inventory process, eg. 3D scanners, photogrammetry, automatized material recognition using AI/Machine Learning, ...
  • How inventories can be standardised for easier use afterwards using BIM and other ways of information structuring
  • How software & apps can help to create a better process and information flow.

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