Presentations from HAZEL Webinar 3- 20th October 2020

20 October 2020 - 20 October 2020

Videos from the October 20, 2020 webinar, 'H2 Safety, analysis, measurements and applications'.


Mr Paul Mc Cormack


Mr Ian Williamson


Dr Adele Brunetti


Dr Andreas Konrad


Dr Stephen Carr


Q & A



Introduction by Paul Mc Cormack, Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College

H2 production in membrane reactors-Dr Adele Brunetti, CNR-ITM

H2 permeation testing and trace sensors-Dr Andreas Konrad, Mecadi

Hydrogen industrial applications fuelling industrial clusters and constructing the H2 highway- Dr Stephen Carr, University of South Wales

H2 Futures-Ian Williamson, Chair of the European Hydrogen Association

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