GenComm 20th Partner Meeting in Luxembourg on June 8-9, 2022

GenComm Partners to meet in Luxembourg

The 20th GenComm Partner Meeting to be held on June 8-9, 2022 will continue the GenComm Green H2 development trajectory and will include a workshop on developing innovative hydrogen solutions to meet the twin tasks of clean energy transition and energy security and deliver innovative technological solutions to meet our growing energy challenges.

This Partner Meeting due to be held at GenComm Partner, University of Luxembourg will also include a presentation by Professor Dr Bradley Ladewig who recently joined the university as the Paul Wurth Chair in Energy Process Engineering. A major focus of his work will be in the area of green hydrogen.

Professor Ladewig will establish new laboratory facilities at the Belval campus of the university, custom designed for research facilities relating to hydrogen materials and technologies.

While the Partner Meeting will deliver an update on key GenComm outputs, the Community Hydrogen Forum and the EST, (the Enabling Support Tool), GenComm Programme Manager, Paul McCormack will also give an overview of the project.

Looking forward to June 8-9, Mr McCormack said: “In this Partner Meeting we will get a closer look at the Luxembourg H2 Strategy. All the project partners and Associate Partners will contribute to this event. The hydrogen conversation globally is increasing with importance everyday, in order to address climate change and energy security we must accelerate research, development and  investments in the clean energy transition.

“Globally we are at an energy crossroads and must not be distracted from our plans for a green energy future, we need to qualify and deliver investments in large, long-term green energy projects, consistent with efforts to reduce global emissions to net zero and deliver energy security for our communities.

“Our own pilot plants, hydrogenewables prototypes are delivering Green H2 for a myriad of uses across industry, transport and heating demonstrating how hydrogen is a key energy vector in our decarbonisation journey.. All our Partners, Belfast Met, Energia, Hy Energy, NUIG, IZES GmbH and of course our hosts this time, the University of Luxembourg are working in the same direction with a united purpose of meeting our climate and energy security challenges.”





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