Cost-Effective Hydrogen Production from Curtailed Renewable Power

The aim of H2GO is to assist public, energy investors and communities in Northwest Europe in building hydrogen storage at their renewable energy plants. In the construction of H2GO, it is necessary to include technical and economic models of hydrogen energy storage system. This system comprises three main units from electrolyser, compressor and storage tank. According to literatures, electrolyser contributes to almost half of the total capital expenditure (CAPEX) of the system. Therefore, the size of electrolyser has very large impact to the total investment.

In order to understand the optimum size of electrolyser at one specific location, wind curtailment profile from one year measurement of a 16-wind farm is generated as shown in Figure 1. Hereinafter, levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH) or the minimum selling price to compensate all expenditure over the system’s economic lifetime, for each electrolyser capacity can be calculated based on the presence and amount of the annual wind curtailment.

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