TEDx talk in Galway by GenComm partner

Dr Rory Monaghan, from GenComm partner NUIG will give a TEDx talk in Galway tomorrow, November 11, 2021. The event will be live in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway. Rorys theme for the talk is based on the premise, Green hydrogen can be a West of Ireland solution to a global problem.

With green hydrogen the West of Ireland can develop energy security from hydrogen production throughout the West at onshore and offshore wind farms, facilitated by green energy hubs at ports and airports and industrial centres. Hydrogen powered truck and bus fleets can also be deployed and will will silently improve air quality. You can inject H2 into the gas grid in Mayo, (symbolically replacing the Corrib natural (Fossil) gas field with green H2 from Irish renewables ) and in Galway for export around Ireland.

A redeveloped Galway port could serve as a Hydrogen Hub, bringing offshore wind energy ashore, using hydrogen to balance the grid, fuelling city bus truck and train fleets, (Trains could transport Galway H2 around the country)

The availability of constant green electricity and Green H2 stimulates innovative green industries and can attract new clean tech employers to the West. It would be possible to make the West the worlds top green tourism destination and to green the Wild Atlantic Way ensuring tourism has a green footprint.

Rory acknowledges there is potential to deliver many times more wind, wave and ocean current energy than Ireland could ever use. But we would need a massively expanded energy grid to facilitate this green growth and turn our zero carbon ambitions into reality.

The event will be live on 11th November in Galway and broadcast online. Details at https://www.tedxgalway.com/

 Looking forward to tomorrows event Dr Monaghan said: “TEDx is a fantastic forum to really get across how exciting the field of green hydrogen research is. There is so much happening in hydrogen right across the island of Ireland, from academic research to industry deployment to community projects. I am honoured to get the opportunity to share this with members of the public.”

Dr Monaghan is the Lecturer of Energy Engineering in the School of Engineering at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway). He is the Lead of the Energy Research Centre in the NUI Galway Ryan Institute, a Funded Investigator in MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, and the Director of the Energy Engineering Programme at NUI Galway. Rory has been researching hydrogen and fuel cells since 2003, when he commenced his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rory currently leads the Long-Term Effects work package of the €9.3 million GenComm project, which is funded by the EU Interreg North West Europe Programme. He was commissioned by the Department of the Economy to prepare the Think Piece on Hydrogen Opportunities for Northern Ireland. 

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