Bad Luck at Tinsley!

Back in May, we reported that Canal & River Trust had installed new Hidrostal Submersible pumps at Tinsley Pumping Station near Sheffield. This was our first Green WIN funded pump to get to site and was set to provide higher efficiency and resilience to a critical pumping station maintaining water levels in the Sheffield Canal.

Installation was brought forward due to a ‘small’ pipe fracture meaning the pump installation was needed right away.

Unfortunately there was a major land slippage at the site which caused a further / bigger pipe fracture - and senior managers took the decision that Tinsley site needed a major replacement pumping solution for the area - so the pump has had to be removed. As if Covid 19 wasn’t enough….

So “back to the drawing board” ! The good news is we think the pump can be re-installed at a new / suitable site: we may install it at Napton, at the junction of the Oxford and Grand Union Canals. There are also other potential sites - but Napton seems to be the most likely right now.

We can certainly measure the current / baseline performance at Napton (or any another site) – then later in the project and subject to further refinements - re-measure the site performance - to build into our Green WIN aggregated results at 11 sites.

All is not lost!

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