CRT - Internet of Things (IoT) testing

Canal & River Trust have been assisting VEGA and Vodaphone by testing devices that could have a major impact on industry and organisations like CRT, that increasingly rely on automated telemetry systems to monitor water levels and provide optimal pump start-ups and efficiencies. 

The IoT devices being developed and trialled could prove to be a great help in reducing the size of civil engineering works needed when installing monitoring equipment. Currently the size of a small cupboard, they could be replaced by a ‘plug in’ device the size of a Coffee cup.

The Trust completed proof of concept stages with VEGA late last year. The company have taken suggestions onboard and have made various modification to the device. It is more industrial now and houses a bigger user changeable battery. It is moving to the next phase of the trial and in next 3-4 months the Trust will be installing this device at various reservoirs to monitor the v-notches and drains.

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