CRT's Year of Green Action

The Year of Green Action was a UK nationwide initiative that connected people, of all ages and from all walks of life, with nature and showed how everyone can take positive action to improve our environment.

It was a year-long drive to encourage involvement in projects that support nature and improve the natural world in our own gardens, schools or workplaces, and as consumers.

‘Young ambassadors’ were appointed to drive environmental action in their communities and encourage environmental volunteering such as litter picking, planting pollinator-friendly flowers or fundraising to maintain or enhance green spaces.

The final Year of Green Action impact report has just been published. It highlights the impact of the Trust’s work with communities - and the importance of ‘green partnerships’ (NIWE, IWI, INE etc..) and joint working (Interreg projects like Green WIN, RIVER and many others) to tackle the climate crisis.

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