De Wijers Water Management Event

On November 29th the Flemish Land Agency, together with 19 partner organisations including the province of Limburg, the municipality of Heusden-ZolderĀ and the investment company LRM, organised a conference about water management in De Wijers, a 26.000ha region in the province of Limburg.

These partners renewed their commitment to keep investing in water management in this region and in the Mangelbeek valley in particular.

The ongoing eco-hydrological study, partially funded by the Interreg NWE project Green WIN, takes into account various aspects as nature, recreation, agriculture in addition to water which is the key element. The study will look at different scenarios and result in a set of measures which will restore the Mangelbeek valley as a better habitat for fauna and flora. By signing the agreement the partners agreed to implement the proposed measures so that by 2027 the valley will be in a healthy condition that meets the European guidelines for good ecological quality.

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