Green WIN at the Water Equipment Show 2021

Nigel Taylor from Canal & River Trust represented Green WIN at the Water Equipment Show hosted by UK’s Pump Centre on 12-13 May 2021.

The show, which as expected, had to be held virtually, again provided the ideal opportunity to assess products and services we are assessing and/or trialling in Green WIN.

Ofwat’s AMP7 ‘instruction’ has set significant cost reduction targets for all water companies and this year’s focus was on supporting organisations to achieve this by driving down costs - whilst also lowering their carbon footprint.

“This has created new challenges right across the supply chain to come up with innovative solutions, including involving combinations of products, systems and resources, to lower CAPEX and OPEX”

Which is precisely what we are aiming to achieve in Green WIN. Much has happened in the industry since the project began in late 2018 and as part of our extended activities, we are assessing opportunities and benefits for WMO’s from introducing ‘Emerging solutions’. We will be taking a closer look at the topics presented at the event. Those of most relevance were;

  • Smart products with integrated intelligence that optimise operation at lowest cost, examples of installations that have delivered significant savings together with supporting data.
  • Innovative maintenance approaches and methodologies to reduce whole life costs, support tools and software and decision support systems to determine whether to replace or repair. Predictive maintenance techniques that have reduced costs.
  • Control systems – automatic control and optimisation systems that have delivered reductions in cost, network wide control systems that have increased levels of service and reliability thereby reducing costs.

Our specific interest was on the technologies most suited to inland waterways.

The larger companies Xylem and Sulzer featured prominently and whilst the scope for collaboration with them is probably restricted, another ‘big player’, Siemens, demonstrated new Variable Speed Drives (VSD) - which are of interest to us in Green WIN. Submersible pumps and smart technology is a strong focus in the project and the demonstration of these by WILO was very relevant.

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