Canal & River Trust recently installed two large three-ton pumps at Gloucester Pumping Station in Gloucester Docks. The new energy efficient pumps join the two existing ones to play a crucial role in managing water resources in Gloucester and Bristol.

The pumps at Gloucester take on average some 100million litres of water per day from the River Severn to keep the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal open for navigation and ensure correct water levels for ships using the busy port at Sharpness Docks. Their role doesn’t end there - the water taken from the river is treated at Purton, to be used by nearly half the 600,000-strong population of Bristol.

The new pumps are more efficient, have a higher level of resilience and have been designed to be easier to maintain, helping their sustainability and giving them a life span of around 20 years. It’s expected that the new pumps can cut the electricity bill for the pumping station by around 10 percent. The pump replacement project forms part of wider activities across the Trust reducing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

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