Presentation of Land Management Plan

Wouter Van Muysen of VLM (The Flemish Land Agency) told NIWE members about VLM’s role in Green WIN and how they are managing open space and promoting sustainable land development in Flanders. The presentation was part of the Greener Waterways Network presentations programme being hosted by NIWE and was held at The Cruising Association HQ in Limehouse Basin, London on 26 November 2019.

On Day 2 of the meeting NIWE members visited the West India Dock Impounding Station on the Isle of Dogs near Canary Wharf. It houses huge pumps that feed West India Docks with water from the Thames and is vital to maintaining the water levels in the Dock complex and reducing the build-up of silt. The pumps date back to 1929 but are now automated and have been recently restored and remain fully operational.

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