Technical Meeting in Birmingham

Hosted by the project leader Canal and River Trust (CRT), this meeting focused on the technical aspects of the project.

After a skype call back in November in preparation to this meeting, RT, Waterways Ireland (WI) and Voies Navigables de France (VNF) supplied more detailed data on the proposed trial sites to the University of Liege.

The first part of the meeting was very much focused on CRT sharing their knowledge and experience, with three presentations: one of water management at CRT and criticality of pumping, the second focusing on pump automation and SCADA Systems demonstration and finally the last one on CRT's pumping sites and current operations.

The second part of the meeting was all about the 'test bench' laboratory trials. After reviewing the data received and the progress so far, the design specifics  and associated outputs and timescales were agreed, with testing to follow.

The meeting ended by a wrap up session on project management. The next technical meeting will take place in Universite de Liege in May.


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