Working with NIWE

NIWE (the European Network of Inland Waterways), is a network of canal, river and lake waterway operators and promoters who have come together to celebrate and promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of Europe’s Inland Waterways.

Their objectives include:

  • monitoring and disseminating information on EU policy development and programmes,
  • supporting members’ participation in European initiatives and funding programmes,
  • promoting exchange of experience and knowledge transfer across NIWE – and among other relevant organisations and potential members,
  • creating stronger engagement with the EU institutions to ensure the potential of European Inland Waterways is understood and reflected in EU policy and programme development.

NIWE has for some years been involved in many transnational projects which provide lessons, benefits and positive outcomes for waterway organisations, businesses, communities and users. It works across a range of European countries to share these lessons and benefits widely.

One of the output of the GreenWIN project is to establish a support network of organisations to champion greener pumping technologies. The ‘Greener Waterways Network’ will be tasked with promoting awareness about the strength of the proposals and uptake of the joint procurement guidelines /good practice by facilitating networking.

With this in mind, GreenWIN partners plan to work with NIWE to help host the ‘Greener Waterways Network’, where we will promote and sustain the range of technical and operational improvements to waterway managers, SME’s and others in the industry.

NIWE recently launched their new website,, which will be an important tool in meeting their objectives. GreenWIN will be working closely with them to share this resource, place updates on our activities and to maximise our outreach to target groups.

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