END OF 2022 : What's new at GROOF ?

What's new at GROOF?

If you missed them, here is a recap of the GROOF events that were recently organized : 

  • 20th December 2022 : Opening of SERR'URE 

📣 Our pilot project in Belgium organized its opening in December 22. See the press release here


  • 23/11/22 : Opening of FRESH 

🍃 The IFSB-Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment inaugurated the greenhouse located on the roof of its restaurant in Bettembourg. Luxembourg pilot of the European project GROOF, the greenhouse will allow the production of vegetables in hydroponics, which will then be partly consumed by the restaurant's customers. 

To know more : https://www.agri-city.info/fr/dossiers-et-articles/fermes-urbaines/inauguration-de-la-serre-en-toiture-fresh-pilote-luxembourgeois-du-projet-groof 

  • 28/11/22 : Masterclass in London

Meet the GROOF team in London, on November 28, 2022!  We offered you a masterclass on the topic of: 🌱👀 Exploring the business opportunities for rooftop greenhouses 


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