Innovation grows on our rooftops and in our cities

The seed was planted in 2015, when the Neobuild innovation cluster for sustainable construction built an experimental educational greenhouse on the roof of its living laboratory. Nearly 5 years later, the idea germinated to become a real urban revolution!

Today, urban farming or urban agriculture is not only an alternative to our traditional modes of production, consumption and even construction, but above all an innovative solution to promote the circular economy and thus reinvent our cities. In this environmental, economic and societal challenge that Luxembourg is preparing to take up, there is one sector whose central role is essential, that of construction.

Indeed, building more sustainable buildings requires the actors of the sector to innovate, to rethink them from the design phase, to integrate more responsible techniques and materials, but also, from now on, by greening them. Buildings then become true innovative platforms with new functionalities, "noble" functions, capable not only of producing and/or storing energy, for example, but also of producing vegetables or even helping to improve air quality, in particular through the installation of urban greenhouses on the roofs of buildings.

Encouraged by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and by the visionary Camille Gira, the Conseil pour le développement économique de la construction (CDEC) and Neobuild have studied and structured the initiatives and various emerging projects so that they form part of an integrated national strategy for the benefit of the general interest. Today, let's make sure that this dialogue between the building and plant sectors gives rise to ambitious national projects, so that we can soon reap the benefits of this intelligent cross-sectoral collaboration.

Francis Schwall, Director of Neobuild for Neomag #22

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