In its aim to boost the sustainable greenhouses sector, GROOF is offering the candidates a unique opportunity to receive professional coaching from experts in construction, energy, agronomy, business and social aspects. We aim to foster the development and adoption of a diverse range of building integrated greenhouse projects serving different contexts and purposes including the socially-led, commercially-driven, environmental, research, hybrid, etc.

GROOF’s area of knowledge covers the key components of what could lead to a successful greenhouse integration project. This knowledge has been drawn from the deep experience of the GROOF partners in their areas of expertise, research and through the realisation of 4 rooftop greenhouses and the coaching of a further 10 projects. With GROOF’s expertise and coaching, the candidates will be asking the right questions at the right time, guided by holistic expertise.

This call specifically targets projects from the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany. It is open to rooftop AND NON-ROOFTOP greenhouses, as long as they are working in synergies with a building.


If you want to see our projet video click here


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