The ICTA-UAB is part of the new project FoodE!



We are pleased to announce the beginning of the new Horizon 2020 project FoodE, where UAB-ICTA is actively involved in Spain jointly with Parc Agrari de Sabadell and Univesidad de la Laguna. Led by the University of Bologna, FoodE brings together a highly qualified consortium of 24 organizations comprised in universities, research institutes, SMEs, NGOs, as well as city councils spread across 8 EU countries. FoodE is financed under Horizon 2020, the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Programme (2014-2020) and will run for four years. 

FoodE aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable and resilient City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) by bringing together citizen-led local food initiatives across Europe. FoodE seeks to build a “Think global, eat local” mindset with a view to addressing pressing global challenges that threaten food security, while boosting the local economy. The FoodE project is centered around the concept of community-designed food systems and we think that every food system is uniquely based on local needs and available resources. Resilient food systems need to meet the needs of their actors and this is only possible if they are designed by the people who use them. Everyone eats - food is one of the most unifying parts of being human and connects all of us. As such, FoodE believes that input from all segments of the population is the only way our project can succeed. In addition, the term ‘sustainability’ is everywhere now, as citizens we keep hearing more and more about ‘sustainable products’ or ‘sustainable production’. FoodE is quite interested in how this has impacted perceptions of ‘sustainability’ and how citizens think about sustainable food systems.

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The team of ICTA-UAB, Spain

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