Housing 4.0 Energy Construction Workshop


25 May 2021 - 25 May 2021

A trial Housing 4.0 Energy Construction Workshop, hosted by South West College (SWC) and 3 Counties Energy Agency (3CEA), will be held next Tuesday, May 25th at 10 am – 11:30 am (British Summer Time) via Zoom.

This Training Workshop shall serve as a trial training, at which all H4.0E partners are to provide feedback in order to use the material for future H4.0E-construction industry and user training workshops across partner countries. The online workshops/trainings are aimed at those in the construction industry to showcase H4.0E practices.



Introduction from 3cea

  1. What is H4.0E?
  2. What is the aim and what are the deliverables of the different project Partners?
  3. What are the targets and how to achieve them?

Focus on Target: (3cea)

Cost-effective low carbon nZEB buildings for the social housing market

Training Programme, Session by SWC

Focus on used H4.0E construction types, fabric first approach, low carbon material, wind, and airtightness, building supply systems

Online Training (SWC)

  1. Introduction to Online Training Platform
  2. How to use the platform/what needs to be done
  3. What needs to be achieved through the platform

Reflections (SWC and 3cea)

  1. What we have learned
  2. What we could achieve

Q&A Hosted by SWC and 3cea

Facilitators note and communicate Q/A

Close of Session


If you are unable to attend but are interested in receiving the training material, please contact Colin Healy (3 Counties Energy Agency - Ireland) at chealy@3cea.ie.


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