Presentation of three transit houses for Belgian H4.0E pilot

Floréal 1, Goorweg 24, Boortmeerbeek, Belgium

23 September 2020

On Wednesday, the 23rd of September, the Province of Flemish Brabant, together with two social housing agencies (WPZ and SWaL), will present three new small-scale and movable housing units. This type of housing can be used in many ways: they are light, movable constructions that do not require fixed foundations in the ground. This in turn makes them easy to use as transit homes, and municipalities can even use them as emergency homes. They can also serve as a temporary housing solution in a vacant lot.

The Province of Flemish Brabant will also introduce the invitees to the Flemish pilot of H4.0E. An exhibition in one of the units will be dedicated to the small-scale housing projects of the province. Approximately half of this exhibition will be dedicated to Housing 4.0 Energy. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no large crowds are invited to take part in the event, but key stakeholders of the housing sector, the H4.0E project partners and the members of the Flemish regional stakeholders group will be in attendance. The aim is to present the plans for the Flemish pilot to a large audience. 

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