Training for pilot home residents: “Reduction of residential energy consumption and costs”

Local cafeteria of Rustenberg, Huldenberg (Belgian H4.0E Pilot Site)

31 March 2022

On the 31st of March 2022, an end-user training will be organised at the Belgian Housing 4.0 Energy (H4.0E) pilot site in Huldenberg, Province of Flemish Brabant, Belgium. The target audience for this training is the 71 households living at the pilot site.

The aim of the end-user training session is to provide the residents with an understanding of the impact the transition to an individual connection to the electricity grid will have on their energy bills (i.e., using digital meter). This change is an opportunity to highlight the challenges in today's energy market and make residents aware of the importance of reducing their energy consumption and, consequently, CO2 consumption.

The event will take place in the local cafeteria of the Belgian H4.0E pilot site in Huldenberg. The first hour of the info session shall be dedicated to the provision of specific and detailed info and demonstrate the tools, followed by one hour of active interaction with attendees for personal advice and questions.

Following the training, residents will understand how to reduce their energy consumption and they will receive useful tools to manage their homes more energy efficiently (e.g., an energy calendar, a thermo- and hydro-meter, energy monitoring cards, etc.). They will also receive information about the services of local actors they can count on to help manage their energy consumption and costs.

The general information session for the new residents of the Housing 4.0 Energy Rustenberg pilot site in Belgium has been organised in response to the upcoming changes to individual connection to the electricity grid, which is accompanied by a sharp increase in the price per kWh. Given the recent global increase in the price of energy, this serves as an excellent opportunity to make residents aware of their energy consumption and provide them with a number of tools to control consumption and costs.


Who is involved?

  1. Holiday Parks A nv (home owner), regional H4.0E subpartner of Province of Flemish-Brabant; 

  2. IGO, a service-providing intermunicipal association active on energy, housing, etc.;

  3. Province of Flemish Brabant, regional H4.0E Partner; 

  4. SAAMO, regional community building organisation

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