Municipality of Almere

The self-builders of the Almere H4.0E pilot sites are progressing steadily, following the launch of the second building phase of the pilot project in July 2020. The first WikiHouses are expected to be inhabited already in May 2021, after which monitoring of the tiny homes for reduced building costs, comfort of living and carbon reduction can be evaluated. Before construction, the self-builders helped each other with designing, measuring and joint purchasing of building materials.

One self-builder, Sebastiaan, had this to say about the H4.0E pilot: “It’s great to design your own house and build it completely by yourself. Now we’re helping each other with construction.  It’s really special to experience.”

In this short video (in Dutch) from August 2019 (created shortly after the second building phase was initiated), the self-builder, Sebastiaan, gives us a tour of the building site. Join us on this virtual tour - from the box that provides water and electricity to the large construction shed where they can work together protected from wind and rain to the actual plot where his own house is going to be built. 



In more recent news, Almere’s Maker Space is up and running. The mobile milling unit is ready to produce WikiHouse elements. It will be transferred to the Almere pilot location for phase 2 of the production of WikiHouses.

The milling machine is computer controlled and as the unit is mobile, it can be moved to any place to produce WikiHouse elements. 

Scroll through the photos below to take a virtual "tour" of the Housing 4.0 Energy WikiHouse Maker Space in Almere.


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