Launch of Energy and CO2 Monitoring System in Flemish pilot

The six small-scale model houses designed for Housing 4.0 Energy that are piloted at a former campsite in the municipality of Huldenberg, are complete and rented out to local citizens. The houses are equipped with three different heating techniques: infrared panels, accumulation heating and air/air heat pumps. In order to assess the impact of these techniques on energy consumption and resulting CO2 emissions, a monitoring process has been initiated. The energy consumption and the CO2 emissions will be monitored over several seasons using a tool by Enermatics. The evaluation will also gauge the experiences of residents, who are motivated to save energy as much as possible. The first results of the study are expected by Autumn 2022.

Partners involved in this phase of the Belgian H4.0E pilot project are the Province of Flemish Brabant, Volta, TU Delft  and SAAMO Vlaams-Brabant.


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