Potential of H4.0E pilots for reproduction in social housing in Flanders

On the 28th of September, the Housing 4.0 energy Flemish pilot partners (Province of Flemish Brabant and Kamp C), BAST (the architect/designers of the H4.0E Flemish pilot homes), Inhout (main building contractor) and Bao Living, who adapted their SAM module for the compact, low carbon homes, convened to exchange ideas and proposition for a FSSH-proof version of the pilot houses; meanwhile, a delegation of the Flemish Society for Social Housing covered all necessary expertise on the matter, including: sectoral and expert architects, advisor(s) on construction techniques and energy and a representation of the FSSH quality chamber.

As the prevailing urban instructions for the pilot house building site made it impossible to build in conformity with the FFSH-building rules, the pilot designs needed to be adapted to make them FSSH-financing and wider application for social housing possible. 

This September, regional Flemish stakeholders came together with the Flemish Society for Social Housing to discuss and finetune the conditions and potential for applying the Housing 4.0 Energy concept on a larger scale within the social housing sector.


The pilot team pointed out the strengths of the pilot buildings and the areas for improvement and how to tackle them, based on the evaluation of the first construction experience. The BAST architects and Inhout worked out some adapted designs within the scope imposed by the FFSH building directives, the open-source Open Systems Lab grid and the limitations that follow the production system and transportation of the “Mobble”, the modular building system of the pilots.

One one-bedroom model and one two-bedroom model will be completed within the project and, with some justified derogations, presented to the FSSH for approval.

The Province of Flemish Brabant and Kamp C opened the discussion on the advantages of this modular building system and the current restraints within social housing. Both parties agree upon a procedure whereby the pilot team presents the argumentation and framework that defines how small-scale modular housing serves as an attractive contemporary living alternative for specific target groups and be integrated and diversify the social housing supply in Flanders.

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