Vlaams-Brabrant announces their first H4.0E Ambassador

The H4.0E Ambassador Programme is an integral part of ensuring the long-term goals for the project are met. The first ambassador announced by the Province of Vlaams-Brabrant (Flemish Brabant) is Chris Troniseck, a partner of Locus Architects who joins us as a non-technical H4.0E Ambassador. Chris is a self-employed architect since 1982, a partner of Locus Architects (1999-2009), and the owner of c58 architectenvennootschap (c58 bvba architects company) (2009-2019).

Since 2011, Chris has acted as a project leader at social housing companies. As an H4.0E Ambassador, Chris shall leverage his years of experience as an architect and in the social housing sector to increase awareness and understanding of the H4.0E project.

Pictured above is Chris Troniseck, Vlaams-Brabant's newest non-technical H4.0E Ambassador



  • Self-employed architect since 1982
  • Partner of Locus architects (1999-2009)
  • Owner of c58 bvba architects company (2009-2019)
  • Since 2011 also project leader at social housing companies
  • Small-scale living as a niche interest

Additionally, Chris Troniseck has been working on the development of an urban, hybrid core hub for some time, which is centred on affordable housing for singles and very small families.

He has contributed to various social housing projects in areas designated for small-scale housing development under a spatial implementation plan. Chris's involvement in the H4.0E project comes from his continued interest in pragmatic and economical approaches to all things building technology.

Also, Chris Troniseck stands behind the belief that the energy crisis and resulting energy transition can only be meaningfully "dealt with" in conjunction with all the other factors involved in building housing and living in Europe (i.e., quality of life, prefabrication, circularity, affordability).

Actions and activities within the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) Housing 4.0 Energy project

  • Introducing information about the project to his extensive network (via LinkedIn, but also through his position at the social housing company, SWaL).
  • The real "promotion" of small scale, low carbon, affordable living has yet to begin, and Chris considers this mainly as a continuation (first conclusions after monitoring) of the research project H4.0E.
  • The implementation of energy solutions in urban environments (i.e., denser living environments) will be one of his priorities.


Contact details

Chris Troniseck


chris troniseck | LinkedIn

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