EAAP conference – great success for our session !

The project partners held 5 presentations during this session:

  • Julie Leblois (awé groupe) presented the general objectives and structure of the project
  • Clément Grelet (CRAW) showed the results of the first stress experiment
  • Andreas Werner (LKV BW) introduced the use of MIR based predictions to assess the heat stress level of dairy cows
  • Laura Dale (LKV BW) presented the model MastiMIR to predict mastitis
  • Mohammed El Jabri (IDELE) presented the results of the hoof lesions predictive models


We were also very proud to count on incredible invited speakers:

  • Elsa Vasseur and Mazen Bahadi (McGill University, Canada), gave a talk about the detection of welfare status in a milk sample: effects of housing modifications on milk spectra
  • Scott Denholm (SRUC), introduced his work about how to extract added value from routine milk recording using deep learning


The session room was full and a lot of interest for the project arose with interesting questions and discussions.

It was also a great opportunity to meet some project partners for real, after 18 months of video-conference. Let’s hope that the next scientific meetings will not be virtual anymore!

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