CO2 Emissions calculator available!

In the framework of the HeatNet NWE project, a spreadsheet model providing insight into a heat planning project for a specific area has been produced. It allows to calculate the costs and benefits of district heating over individual heating alternatives.

This model was developed by Rambøll Energy for the Danish Energy Agency to calculate key components of a heat planning project. In the scope of the European Project HeatNet NWE, it was modified according to the expectations of all different partners. The model provides an overall assessment of the district heating potential for a concerned area. However, detailed analysis is still required before undertaking investments.

The tool is based on a number of data. For each country of the North-West Europe area, the project team strived to find as much relevant data as possible. When it was not possible, the tool refers to the data provided by the original tool. The default embedded technical data and cost estimates are based on prerequisites from the Danish Energy Agency to the extent possible. When insufficient, empirical values from Ramboll are used, which is stated inside the model.

If you are in the stage of a pre-feasibility, or feasibility study of a DHC project, this tool is for you! You can download the tool by using the link below. If you want to know more about this tool before starting to use it, you can also watch this 12-min presentation (part of a longer webinar)!


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