Report on Mijnwater Model and its replication in Wallonia

In this report ordered by Cap Construction (the Walloon cluster on sustainable construction), the Heerlen pilot developed by Minjwater in the Netherlands is analysed and the question “can such a project be transposed into Wallonia and under what conditions?is answered.

The analysis of the Minjwater project includes a review of the energy context in the Netherlands and of the technical, legal, strategic and economic aspects.

Several criteria to compare the Dutch and Wallon contexts to develop such district heating and cooling projects based on geothermal energy are assessed such as:

  • Determination not to be dependent on foreign energy suppliers,
  • Presence of geothermal resources in mines,
  • Primary energy ratio (PEB) favourable to heat networks…

An in-depth analysis of the factors which could foster the development of district heating and cooling and geothermal energy in Wallonia is also provided.

The report concludes that there is a potential for the replication of the Minjwater concept in Wallonia, but that a methodology needs to be set up to further investigate how. The recommendations includes to better identify:

  • sites having geothermal energy potential on mining sites (taking into account the importance of the temperature and the capacity),
  • heat and cold supply and demand (quantification, mapping, types of customers, cold and heat surplus…).

Read the report via the link below!

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