Transition Roadmap for Developing District Heating in South Dublin

The objective of the Transition Roadmap is to help decarbonise the heating sector in South Dublin through the adoption of 4th generation district heating (DH) principles, e.g. utilising local, low-carbon heat sources such as industrial waste heat, and help South Dublin City Council (SDCC) achieve its CO2 and energy efficiency targets.

This report provides high-level guidance in the following areas:

  • Energy master-planning process
  • How to effectively engage with stakeholders
  • Information that can be provided to developers regarding DH
  • Policy options that could be considered to support the roll-out of DH networks
  • Business model options
  • Procurement
  • Emphasising the importance of good quality techno-economic analysis.

The next steps set by the Transition Roadmap include actions in terms of planning, pilot development, stakeholder engagement, legal issues, policy support and change, development of technical guidance and increase capacities of municipal bodies (City Council, Special Purpose Vehicle). Look at the details in the document!

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