Watch our webinar "Developing 4th and 5th generation heat networks in the UK"

3 speakers discussed the development of 4th and 5th generation district heating and cooling (DHC) networks in the UK during this webinar organised on 23rd October 2019 and moderated by Energy Cities:

  • Jon Selman- Low Carbon City Officer / Plymouth County Council;
  • Sara Cameron - Senior Domestic Energy Officer / Aberdeen City Council;
  • Catherine Fitzgerald - Mapping and engagement Officer / Aberdeen HeatNet NWE Project.

UK has a long way to go to develop DHC: the government goal is that this solution supplies up to 20% of the heating demand. Currently the DHC share of the heating market in the UK is only 2%.

Jon Selman particularly insisted on the advantages of the 5th generation of DHC (i.e. very low-temperature networks), as this system is a "plug and play" solution and provides both cooling and heating.

Sara Cameron and Catherine Fitzgerald explained how Aberdeen city council is expanding the different DHC networks present in the city, especially in deprived areas: efficient DHC networks providing affordable heat at a stable price are also a way to fight energy poverty.

To know more, watch the full webinar and download the presentation thanks to the link below.

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