Watch the webinar "The Role of the Public Sector in Developing 4th Generation District Heating"

Codema held on 26th September a webinar on The Role of the Public Sector in Developing 4th Generation District Heating, as part of the HeatNet NWE project.

As a proof of the great interest in the subject, almost 90 participants attended this webinar!

You can now view the webinar using the link below. The topics covered in this webinar included:

  • What is district heating?
  • Benefits of 4th Generation District Heating (4GHDC)
  • Why district heating is needed across Ireland
  • Current barriers and challenges for implementing district heating schemes
  • Why Public Sector involvement is so important
  • Setting out a roadmap for the public sector
  • How do I know my town / region is suitable for district heating?
  • Planning, economic and technological considerations
  • The latest on emerging public district heating schemes in Dublin

Donna Gartland, Senior Energy Planner at Codema and CEO of the recently-established Irish District Energy Association, and John O’Shea, Energy Systems Analyst at Codema, discussed the points above and answered the questions of the participants.

This webinar is a must for all public sector staff working in areas such as planning, architecture, climate change, engineering, facilities management, finance and procurement. It is also a great opportunity for those working in the energy, commercial and construction sectors to gain an insight into the emerging district heating market in Ireland and gain an understanding of the role they might play in future public or public-private schemes.

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