Pre-Operations Preparation Manual is here!

The HECTOR project involves collating information from all stages of the deployment process.  Many of the vehicles within the HECTOR project are first generation therefore it is important to learn from their deployments to improve the performance of future generations. 

Information is being collected throughout the different stages of the project including procurement & vehicle specification, training and maintenance and real life operations. We are providing our experience with this document.

We will update this document progressively throughout the project to continue to present new best practices and approaches. 

Lessons learned from the HECTOR partners during the pre-operation phase include:

  • The hydrogen waste truck market is still relatively small therefore there are a limited number of manufacturers to choose from.
  • Small market for hydrogen, little competition and small production might drive up prices.
  • Small market for hydrogen and little worldwide competition might increase delivery time

Please follow the link below to explore the manual.


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