IMAGINE Portrait Book : Testimonies of young trainees

During its four years of development, the IMAGINE project has enabled many young people to discover the world of agriculture in its many forms, but also and above all has enabled them to find a rhythm of life, desire and new ambitions.

For some, this experience has been a real reconciliation with the world of education, training and work; for others, it has really allowed them to find a vocation and inner peace by getting involved with natural spaces and being in close contact with the land.

Therefore, through this “Portrait Book”, you can view a whole range of testimonies which reveal the richness and diversity of the experiences of young Europeans who are part of the IMAGINE project.

Some young people told us about their journey, the difficulties they encountered, the solutions they found, and what they learned from it; others, in a more reserved manner, in only a few words on some occasions, freely expressed their feelings about the IMAGINE experience they have had.

Please find below the digital version of the IMAGINE Portrait Book.

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