Bielefeld hackathon: day 1 was a success!


29 October 2021 - 29 October 2021

Day 1 began with an introduction on the IT4Anxiey project and was then followed by keynotes.

The first keynote was conducted by Shalliena Mitev, Patient Representative, where she led a very interesting intervention on the topic of E-Mental Health from patient perspective. Shalliena gave an in-depth view of the patient perspective: “I particularly understand the mental health user’s situation as I was myself a user before”. She stressed the importance of digital tools for patients suffering of mental health issue. Shalliena notably mentioned the use of picture and videos of the patient’s family in order to support them at any time.

The second keynote “TF-KVT-Web - A web-based learning course for Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy” was presented by Barbara Kasparik, from the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Barbara introduced the online training for evidence-based child trauma treatment. Web-based training methods demonstrate various advantages such as flexibility and accessibility, cost efficiency, sustainability or the ability to combine of learning format.

After two very insightful keynotes, the time came for each of the 8 amazing start-ups participating in the hackathon  to present themselves. Minime, Elona, WellBe, Digimenz, Robomantic,, Between The Lines and Mobile Brain Lab all took the stage in order to introduce their project and ideas.


The day ended on a musical note by Nils Rabente to accompany a digital drink. See you tomorrow for the second day of the hackathon! We are looking forward to discovering the winner of the hackathon ! Stay tuned on IT4Anxiety social medias (@IT4Anxiety on LinkedIn and Twitter) for some hot news throughout the day.

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