IT4Anxiety’s third online hackathon: day 1 was great!


19 January 2022 - 19 January 2022

IT4Anxiety’s 3nd online hackathon was launched on the 19th of January in Lille, France. This French hackathon is co-organised by G.A.C. Group and CCOMS. Hackathon attendants include various stakeholders of the mental health field such as patients, professionals, start-ups, etc.


Day 1 began with a welcome speech provided by Déborah SEBBANE, Director of the CCOMS followed by a short presentation of the IT4Anxiey project given by the project’s coordinator, Vinciane DE MOFFARTS. After Bernabé CHUMPITAZI’s explanations on the organisation and rules of this hackathon, the 7 great start-ups participating at the hackathon presented their projects:, Spectre, MyBrainTech, Moha, Aroma Therapeutics, SymbioCenter and Mamabe.


Following those presentations, the participants were split into 7 groups and began working with the start-ups on the different projects, discussing and sharing their ideas using Mural, an online collaboration tool.


After the lunch break, four inspiring workshops were proposed:

  • “Acculturation to recovery in mental health” by Vincent DEMASSIET, President of the network Rev. France, French network on voice agreement, Co-founder of the Nappe Paranoïa, President of the GEM Ch’ti bonheur
  • “Design Thinking” by Doriane MAMASIAN, G.A.C. Group
  • “Creating a start-up in health, the pitfalls to avoid” by Dorothée GUERAS TRICART, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer, Eurasanté
  • “Accelerating your health start-up” by Florie D’HALLUIN, G.A.C. Group and Hussain SHEIKH, LinkGestion Company


The afternoon was dedicated to continuing the teamwork until 4:30 PM. It was then the time to debrief about this first great day and to close the meeting.


See you tomorrow for the second day of this great hackathon ! We are looking forward to discovering the winner of the hackathon ! Stay tuned on IT4Anxiety social medias (@IT4Anxiety on LinkedIn and Twitter) for some hot news throughout the day.

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