IT4Anxiety’s third online hackathon: We finally have our winner!


20 January 2022 - 20 January 2022

If you’ve missed our Debrief of Day 1, you can read it here.

The second day of IT4Anxiety’s third hackathon started at 9:15AM with a short session of feedback on the hackathon during which participants were able to share their experience of the first day.

“A great discovery ! This is my first hackathon. I have never used this type of method in the research environment, it’s very interesting !” Laurence FOND HARMANT

“I want to thank the team for bringing an additional vision around the content dedicated to the targeted young people” Ismail BENNANI,

“We realised with the interventions, in particular of 4 psychiatrists met during these two days, that our solution could be thought differently” Yohan ATTAL, My Brain Technologies

The day continued with the first session of teamwork of the day. It lasted until 11AM, when Bernabé CHUMPITAZI proposed a workshop on “Pitch preparation” for interested participants. This workshop was followed by a lunch break and a final teamwork session to finalise and finetune their presentations.

It was then the time for our jury members to come into play. They shortly introduced themselves. The jury was composed of the following 5 members:

  • Vincent DEMASSIET, President of the Rev. France network, Co-founder of the Nappe Paranoïa network and President of GEM Ch’ti bonheur

“Nothing about us without us” Vincent Demassiet, representative of the users

  • Dr Anne GROSS, Psychiatrist

"I am very happy that so many people from various backgrounds have participated, and especially users" Anne Gross

  • Tania GRIGLIO, Eurasanté, project manager at the bio-incubator

"I am glad to participate in this hackathon, to discover and challenge these great projects related to mental health. I am curious to see how the projects are focusing on the needs of the users” Tania Grioglio

  • Gaëtan ABSIL, HELMo-ESAS, Socio-anthropologist, IT4Anxiety project partner

“My ambition: to see how the projects empower the users and the collaborative aspects to the benefit of mental health”, Gaëtan ABSIL

  • Hussain SHEIKH, LinkGestion, CFO and fundraiser (specialised in start-ups)

“The team is important but also the motivation of the team members to carry out a project”, Hussain Sheikh

After a short session of sophrology to relax the teams, the jury members were invited to listen to the results of the 2-days team work and pitches of the 7 invited start-ups:, Spectre, MyBrainTech, Moha, Aroma Therapeutics, SymbioCenter and Mamabe. Here are some quotes of key information about the different projects:

“Young people are poorly taken care of because the wrong channels are used and the existing support tools are little know and not used right […]. The solution we propose is simple: a chatbot that offers young people an adapted communication channel and content that meets their expectations” Ismail BENNANI,

“The use of biomarkers in itself is considered to be the next revolution. […] The purpose of these two days was to make the reports provided by the diagnostics understandable by the patients” Anthony BRANCO LOPES, Spectre Biotech

“We want to optimise the link between patients and doctors. […] We want empower patients through the provided tools: a mobile application and a dashboard. […] The goal is that the patient takes back the power over its therapy” Yohan ATTAL, My Brain Technologies

“Aromatherapy will improve patient compliance to the therapy and its well-being” Laurent MOY, Aroma Therapeutics

 “The goal is to make the patient/user an actor of his therapy through this augmented therapy prescribed by the professionals. […] The challenge was to associate the medical side and the well-being, at home feeling, etc. side” Arnaud COMYN, SymbioCenter

“We want to offer a digital ecosystem that facilitates the therapeutic alliance” Marc GODARD, Moha

“Our tools have two levels: a natural social support tribe and a community support network connecting young parents experiencing the same issues” Hélène SOUDAN, Mamabe

To know more about the projects and their solution, you can read our previous article here.

While the jury was deliberating on the winning team of this third hackathon, the audience was invited to take a break of this intensive work and to practice a meditation session provided by Laure Santa Mila.

Finally, it was time for the moment we all have been waiting for: the announcement of the winning team!

Our winner of this third IT4Anxiety Hackathon is … Mamabe !

Congratulations to all teams for these great pitches and particularly to Mamabe for winning the hackathon!

Mamabe won a support for the development and financing of their innovation provided by G.A.C. Group of a value of 7.000€ !

Finally, all participants had the opportunity to network in a more relaxed ambiance around a virtual get together drink!

For those already nostalgic, and for those who missed the event, be sure to register to our newsletter and to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you will never again miss information on our next Hackathons! We already know that our next Hackathon will take place in February 2022 in Scotland shortly followed by our last hackathon in March 2022 in Belgium. Stay tuned!

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