IT4Anxiety's fourth Hackathon in Namur, Belgium: Day 2 Debrief

Trakk, Namur, Belgium

21 April 2022 - 21 April 2022

IT4Anxiety’s 4th hackathon was launched on the evening of the 20th of April at the Trakk, a creative hub in Namur, Belgium. If you’ve missed our Debrief of Day 1, you can read it here.

The second day of the hackathon started at 8:00 AM with breakfast. Participants were invited to attend a yoga laughter session that brings deep relaxation and a unique feeling of well-being before working of their different projects.

As the morning continued, the hackathon’s facilitator Michel DUCHATEAU gave a pitch at 9:00 am to launch the day and present the day's program. This was then followed by 10 minutes of ideation techniques. Between teamwork sessions, participants were invited to create a prototype for the hackathon at the FABLAB. Users, caregivers and coaches met the teams to discuss and give some interesting inputs.

After the lunch break, an inspiring workshop was proposed to the attendants: "The digitisation of society: European contexts, citizen issues and e-health" by Laurence FOND-HARMANT, Research Director, ACSEA Luxembourg / Sorbonne Paris Nord-France University. Throughout the team work sessions in the afternoon, users and caregivers met the teams again and a workshop “How to pitch ?” was proposed by Coralie PARADIS, BEP Namur. At 5:45 PM, the time was opportune for the coaches to take stock with the different teams of participants.

The evening was dedicated to continuing the teamwork. All participants also had the opportunity to relax with a musical entertainment followed by a surprise at 11:00 PM !

See you tomorrow for the third and last day of this amazing hackathon ! We are looking forward to discovering the winners ! Stay tuned on IT4Anxiety social medias (@IT4Anxiety on LinkedIn and Twitter).

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