Creation of a European centre for innovative and digital tools in mental health

The IT4ANXIETY project is excited to announce that firsts steps have been made towards the creation of a European Cluster for Mental Health Digital Tools and Innovation aiming at fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of mental health.

The European Mental Health Digital Tools and Innovation Cluster will serve as a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and nurturing partnerships that drive meaningful change in the mental health landscape. Members will have access to a community of individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing mental health through digital tools and innovation. This is what is more commonly known as blended therapies in mental health.

There are many advantages to joining the cluster: networking opportunities with experts and stakeholders across Europe, knowledge sharing through webinars, workshops, and conferences, collaborative project opportunities to address key challenges in mental healthcare delivery, and the ability to contribute to shaping policies and regulations related to mental health and digital innovation.

Join the European Mental Health Digital Tools and Innovation Cluster today and be part of a transformative movement!

A first networking meeting took place in Belfast on June 23rd with the support of Joanne Boyle, Digital Mental Health and Healthy Ageing Innovation Cluster Lead of Scotland.                                                                                          

On June 29 a major networking event took place during the IT4Anxiety Final Conference in Namur which was a great start for the founding members of the cluster from several European countries to meet!

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