Eldom in Scotland !


 Within the framework of the European project It4anxiety, the company ELDOM is experimenting its solutions in Scotland with the objective of reducing patient anxiety in care homes.

The European project It4anxiety aims at allowing the experimentation in situ of innovative solutions in mental health developed by startups. It is in this context that the French startup Eldom went to Scotland to evaluate the installation of photoluminescent kits in 9 care homes located on the Scottish islands. This experience was made possible by IT4Anxiety's NHS partner and the Marion Mac Innes network. Elouan Le Gouge, co-founder of Eldom, was also accompanied by Vinciane de Moffarts (CNP Saint-Martin, Belgium) and Jean-Charles Minier (Groupe GAC, France).

Due to the health crisis related to Covid-19, the schedule was severely affected. Indeed, the management of the disease, the lack of staff, the pressure etc. have created difficulties for the care homes to engage in the experimentation phase. As a result, the experimentation was delayed but all the members of the project have given themselves the means to achieve its good progress.

In March 2022, during the trip organized in Scotland, the first results were more than satisfactory. Indeed, the health professionals observed an improvement in the general state of the patients as well as a reduction in anxiety. "Some residents have regained their independence at night at the age of 91 thanks to Eldom's luminescent Night Comfort solution." "They feel safe and are less anxious, less tired. They no longer solicit the nurse at night who can spend time with other people. When we take the kit out of the rooms, the users say they miss it!"

With the help of a questionnaire to be filled out 3 times by the residents (before installation, at 30 days, 1 week after removal of the kit), the results will allow us to measure the anxiety level of the patients thanks to a rating and commentary system.

A total of 30 patients will experience the photoluminescent solutions over a period of 6 months.

The Eldom solution is currently marketed in France. Indeed, the primary objective of the solution is the prevention of falls in nursing homes. The luminescent solution is represented by a kit of several elements to be positioned in the patients' room. Thus, it allows to facilitate the movements in the private space while limiting the risks of fall.

In addition, the night comfort kit provides considerable energy savings for nursing homes. Indeed, thanks to this solution, nursing homes no longer need to keep the lights on in the rooms all night.

The final results will be known at the end of the first half of 2022. This approach, still within the framework of the It4Anxiety project, may be continued with the installation of Eldom solutions in Belgium for a new experimentation.

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