Call for Start-ups/SMEs developing innovative technological solutions for managing anxiety

With just over a year to go on the project, this is our final call to join the IT4Anxiety project. We are specifically focusing this call on innovative technological solutions aimed at managing anxiety experienced by people with neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., Alzheimer ‘s disease) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We are looking for a Start-up/SME that is:

  • Developing innovative & impacting tools for the management of anxiety in the mental health context
  • Able to test their product from September 2022
  • Ready to work with a range of partners: hospitals, universities, start-ups
  • Located in one of the 6 partner countries: Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Benefits of joining IT4Anxiety

  • Become a member of the European Interreg IT4Anxiety project
  • Be able to test your solution[1] with the support of our partners.
  • Have the opportunity to promote and commercialize your product
  • Inclusion in a new e-learning platform as part of the project
  • Access to the project’s comprehensive Communication package
  • Opportunity to attend Mid-Term Conference in Lille 11th October 2022 and other events
  • Network and connect with a wide range of organizations and end users

How to apply?

To apply you either email a video pitch to or complete the application form at his link: Apply Here

The questions in the form will ask you to provide details about your start-up and technological solution, such as why you think your idea is innovative and how your solution helps people with dementia and PTSD manage their anxiety. You should also share your motivation for wanting to join the IT4Anxiety project and highlight why we should choose your start-up and solution to join IT4Anxiety.

For more information about this call please contact:

Terms and conditions The selected start-up must be based in the one of the above 6 countries. Their solution must answer the abovementioned need and be currently in its final stages of development or near-complete development, i.e., allowing the scientific testing of the solution within the timeframe of the project on the target population. The successful applicants will be selected by a multidisciplinary committee based on the relevance, originality, and feasibility of the solution, but also the maturity of the start-up team and how well the solution is aligned with the aims and objectives of the IT4Anxiety project.


Dowload PDF here

[1] It is noted that at this stage of the project we are unable to offer testing in hospital/clinical settings

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