In-Spir in Belgium !

A pilot study to test In-Spir’s fragrance diffusers has been implemented at the CNP St Martin between the end of February and the beginning of April 2022. In-Spir, the French sub-partner of the IT4Anxiety project, develops discrete devices that diffuse fragrances to improve comfort and well-being.

In-Spir has developed a range of fragrance diffusers that allows to create personalised programs and diffusion schedules for each space.

5 diffusers have been placed in high traffic areas of the hospitals:

  • The dispensary (techno-medical service) ;
  • The cafeteria (restaurant open to the users on site) ;
  • The reception area ;
  • The entrance hall of the Cadence space (Therapeutic Activity Center) ;
  • The corridor that leads to the large meeting room (management corridor).


Benjamin Zanardo, a Computer Science Engineering student and the IT4Anxiety project assistant at the CNP, conducted a survey of patients and staff members at the CNP Saint-Martin who passed by these diffusers. The number of responses did not allow for in-depth analysis, but overall the users found the smell of the premises pleasant. The first test phase revealed the need to make certain technical improvements, particularly concerning the possibility of monitoring the diffusers. A new improved version of the In-Spri diffuser will be presented to the IT4Anxiety team of the CNP Saint-Martin at the beginning of July by its designer, Thibaut Beguier. A second test phase will then be considered at CNP Saint Martin, following an experimental protocol.

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