Meet the two new start-ups that joined the IT4Anxiety project !

Two new start-ups joined the IT4Anxiety project : Mind Reality & Cerina !

They have become partners in the project and will benefit from numerous advantages and from a budget from the INTERREG NEW program for their development. Notably, the start-ups will benefit from the project’s spotlight and rich network, from the expertise and experience of the project team, from the testing and validation opportunities with patients, from guidance and advice to consider the impact of their solution in a real health-care setting, etc.

Let us present you these two start-ups:

Mind Reality (Netherlands) provides an easy way for people with addiction to get help and to improve the effectiveness of the current available standard treatments by developing a comfortable and stigma-free program. With their product, Mind Reality wants to help addiction professionals/rehabilitation institutes increase the effectiveness of the treatment regarding prevention, treatment and after-care programs. Therefore, Mind Reality provides a toolkit that can be accessed via mobile and web-browsers to monitor their patient’s progress and apply certain therapy techniques. And for the users, they provide a self-help app using VR and mobile devices to learn about their condition and to practice the evidence-based techniques to reduce the addiction symptoms. They have also the possibility to request a remote session from a therapist if they need extra help.



Cerina (England) offers users a range of products and features designed to help them on their mental health journey. These include cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, symptoms tracking tools, daily check-ins, risk management features, therapy tracking and self-care tools. Some initials results have shown that clinical symptoms are significantly reduced in 6 weeks when using Cerina.



Stay tuned for further updates and developments !

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