The IMAGINE study enters a new phase

What are the needs, the use, the acceptance, and the representations of users of new technologies for anxiety management?

The IMAGINE study carried out within the IT4Anxiety project aims to reply to this question, including all users of new technologies in mental health in its targeted study population: people living with and/or dealing with anxiety, careers (non-professional), and health professionals.

The study has recently entered the next phase of the research process. Analysis of the data collected through the 18 focus groups and the survey (1200 participants) carried out earlier this year has started in all partner countries and will take place until the beginning of next year. The IMAGINE international research consortium, led by the WHOCC Lille within the IT4Anxiety project, meets every second week to discuss progress.

The participation of six partners (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France) allows for an international comparison to be done. We are looking forward to sharing the results from this analysis, aimed to be published during 2023.

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