AARDEX Goup is located in Liège, Belgium, their objective is to continuously innovate to develop efficient and effective solutions for this pervasive problem of striking magnitude in the healthcare system and in clinical trials.


Their mission is to develop ecosystems that seamlessly measure, analyze, and implement patient medication adherence in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems to support successful management of patient adherence to medication.


The AARDEX solution is composed of:                     

  • Connected Smart packages or devices which time-stamp automatically when the patients access the medication without adding any burden.
  • A patient-facing mobile app which monitors and supports patients’ adherence to medications.
  • A web interface that provides healthcare providers with the objective means to help their patients to manage medication adherence
  • A cloud platform as the central part of the solution. It includes currently over 70 predefined and validated AARDEX algorithms and existing AI-enabled analysis of medication taking behaviors.


Link to the website: https://www.aardexgroup.com/

Name of the main contact: Gemma Telfer

Email: gemma.telfer@aardexgroup.com


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