Eldom is a French startup located in Brittany which creates light without electricity from photoluminescence, a technology made from natural minerals that can absorb daylight and emit light in darkness.

Since 2014, the two partners, Elouan Le Gouge and Dominique Gicquel, have been marketing their solutions in France. Eldom's core business is the creation of fully autonomous night markers for a clientele of communities, businesses, manufacturers and now medical centers. Following more than a year and a half of experimentation in a hospital center in Brittany, Eldom has indeed developed a “Photoluminescent Night Comfort” kit for healthcare establishments which has also been awarded by the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation in Paris in 2019. The objective of the solution is to increase the prevention of falls, promote vigilance, reduce nocturnal anxiety, increase the feeling of well-being, regulate the circadian cycle, while achieving considerable energy savings related to reduction in electricity consumption.

Eldom joined the IT4Anxiety project to make its solution available to partners with the aim of improving research. The Night Comfort kits will be installed in the rooms of patients suffering from anxiety disorders. As part of the IT4Anxiety project, the experiment will focus on tests that will measure the reduction in patient anxiety levels through photoluminescence. The first experiment will be carried out in Scotland, in partnership with the National Health Services Western Isles, also a partner of IT4Anxiety.

Subpartner linked to G.A.C. group.

Link to the websitewww.eldom.fr

Name of the main contact: Elouan LE GOUGE

Email: elouan@eldom.fr

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